Take Watermelon Seeds And Boil Them For 15 Minutes: The Results Will Shock You! (RECIPE)

Watermelon is an extremely popular fruit. While we all enjoy eating this sweet refreshing fruit, we usually discard the tiny seeds scattered in it without realizing or rather knowing of their health benefits. These seeds are loaded with nutrients including fatty acids, essential proteins and lots of minerals.

They are rich in vitamin B like thiamine, niacin, folate and minerals like magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus and copper. Besides that watermelon seeds are a great source of calories with 100 grams of watermelon seeds providing around 600 grams of calories.

Watermelon seeds contain dietary fiber which are essential for the normal operation of the digestive tract, they help in case of intestinal parasites, as well as in the treatment of patients who suffer from hepatitis and inflammation in the body.

Watermelons seeds contain citrulline substance which acts as an antioxidant, promotes expansion of blood vessels and have positive effect in case of arteriosclerosis, angina,hypertension,and erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon seeds are also very useful for treating diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Using tea from fresh watermelon seeds can help you to remove stones and sand in the kidneys.

To take maximum advantage of the medicinal properties of the watermelon seeds, you should cook them, grind them or bake them.


First you should take 20-30 watermelon seeds, grind them and boil them for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water. This amount will be enough to be disposed and consumed two days, and then you need to make a pause the third day.

Repeat the procedure for several weeks, but it is mandatory to pause every third day.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

As we mentioned before watermelon seeds are  really beneficial for our health.They are a rich source of nutrition as well as minerals and for that reason, you should`t trow them away. Here are some of the health  benefits:

1. Protect heart health

Watermelon seeds are good sources of magnesium which is vital for normal heart functioning, maintenance of normal blood pressure, supporting metabolic process and protein synthesis. It is also beneficial in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension besides controlling blood pressure and diabetes.

2. Prevent aging

Watermelon seeds prevent signs of ageing because they contain antioxidants and oils which make your skin look younger, healthier and more vibrant. These benefits can be observed by consuming a handful or two of watermelon seeds a week.

3. Clean acne

Take cotton bud and dip it on watermelon seed oil. Use it on your face to clean acne, dirt as well as dead skin cells. This oil is suitable for all skin types including dry, oily, acne prone and maturing skin.

4. Strengthen hair

The high protein as well as amino acid content within the seeds can easily strengthen your hair. Also, roasted watermelon seeds could make your hair shiny and beautiful since they have copper that produce melanin, a pigment that gives color for hair.

5. Treat itchy scalp

Watermelon seed oil possesses mild texture, therefore it could be absorbed easily. The oil can be used as moisturizer for dried, itchy scalp or even for scalp with dandruff.

6. Prevent hair damage

The seeds contain essential fatty acids which which are great for your dry and damage hair.

7. Keeps the Hair Black

Roasted watermelon seeds contain copper which is involved in the production of melanin. As you know, melanin is a pigment that provides color to your hair and skin.

8. Hair & Nails

Watermelon seeds have a high content of protein in them which can keep your hair healthy and shiny. This protein contains certain essential amino acids such as lysine, arginine, tryptophan and glutamic acid which are needed by your body to keep your hair healthy and strong.

9. Prevents Hair Breakage

Watermelon seed oil provides the hair with essential fatty acids which are needed by your hair to prevent breakage and keep it moisturized.

10. Watermelon Seeds Can Cure Edema

Toss a teaspoon of dry and ground watermelon seeds in the teaspoon of honey and put this mixture in ¾ cup of warm water. Mix well and consume immediately (at least two times a day). This particular exercise helps you to control edema problem.

11. Enhances Male Fertility

The lycopene antioxidant in watermelon seeds is extremely efficient home remedial method to boost the male potency levels in men. This ought to be possible by including the dried seeds within the everyday diet.

12. Treats Diabetes

These seeds can be used for treating diabetes. Boil a handful of watermelon seeds in 1 liter water for 45 minutes, keeping the pot covered. This potion should be taken every day like tea.

13. Moisturizes the Skin

The unsaturated fatty acids in watermelon seeds keep the skin moisturized, soft, firm, well-toned and prevent acne and other skin disorders.

14.Protects your skin from cancer

The wide array of nutrients contained in watermelon seeds protects your skin from certain types of skin cancers and infections as well.



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