Tea that will easily help you stop smoking and using drugs

Cigarette smoking is the most common addiction in the world. It is a small percentage of the many addicts that can get rid of the habit. It requires strong will and strong character for that. However, many could use some help in the struggle for quitting. This tea has that power.

Tea for quitting smoking. At Night pour over a tablespoon of Acorus calamus (also called Sweet Flag or Calamus) with half liter of cold water. Mix up, close the dish and leave overnight. At morning heat up the mixture (but do not boil) and add two tablespoons of thyme, close it and leave it for 15 minutes. Drain it and drink in small sips throughout the day.

Tea for quitting drugs (for easier overcoming the crisis while trying to break of a habit)

In the evening pour over a soup spoon of calamus in half a liter of cold water, stir, close and leave overnight. At morning heat up all and add a tablespoon of lemon balm leaf, close and leave for 15 minutes. Drain it and drink throughout the day in small sips. It is best to consume in the days of crisis.


Method of use

Preparation of tea: The tea of calamus root is prepared with cold extract. Put a tablespoon of calamus root in 0.25 liters of cold water and leave overnight. Heat it up a bit in the morning and then drain. Before using the tea, warm it up in a pan with water. Fresh juice: carefully clean the fresh roots and squeeze them in the juicer. Shower additive: Leave overnight approximately 200 grams of the calamus root in 5 liters of cold water. Heat it up good the next day, leave it to stay a bit and then add in the water for showering.

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