The Fruit That Fights Hypertension, Cholesterol And Asthma

The English proverb ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ is the most recognizable expression which claims that apple consumption or fruit in general has very good health benefits. Such recent fruit that can be used every day to fight against abnormally high blood pressure or hypertension and many more health problems people face in modern times is the Atis or sugar-apple.

Atis or also most widely known as sugar apple, custard apple and sweetsop is a relative of the fruit guyabano. The typical color of this spherical fruit is pale green. It has creamy, smooth and sweet flesh with dark seeds. People love eating atis fruit as desert because it has some water and sour-sweet flavor which makes it a delicious refreshment for hot summer days. However, its nutrient and mineral package is what makes it so important for healthy human body.

Besides being packed with proteins there are also many other reasons why people should consume this fruit every day. Here are some of these benefits:

1. Atis fruit is good for people with asthma problems

Eating some sugar-apples can prevent asthma attacks. By consuming sugar-apple you can successfully avoid your asthma attacks and prevent them from happening because this fruit is rich in Vitamin C i.e. the amount of Vitamin C consisted in this fruit meets more than 150% of recommended daily vitamin value. People suffering from asthma fight with inflammation which occurs in their airways. Therefore, by including this fruit in their every day diet they could reduce inflammation because of the effect of the powerful antioxidant i.e. Vitamin C.

2. Atis fruit is good for people with hypertension

This fruit contains the mineral potassium which can control the negative effects of consuming too much sodium. It is much easier to regulate your blood pressure level by regularly eating sugar-apple because the amount of potassium that it contains is equivalent to 18% of recommended daily intake.

3. Atis fruit is good for people with high cholesterol

Sugar-apples are great source of niacin which is B vitamin. This vitamin is very effectively used for reducing the high blood pressure levels in the body, especially the worst one, LDL. That is another good reason for including this fruit in your daily diet.

4. Atis fruit is good for people who need more energy

You can have a snack of sugar-apples if you feel lack of energy , tiredness, sleepiness throughout the whole day. This fruit can convert your sugar intake into energy because it contains another nutrient known as thiamin.

5. Atis fruit is good for people who are at risk of heart attacks and want to maintain healthy heart

No wonder sugar-apple is described as heart-friendly fruit. It contains fiber and vitamin B6 which prevent the levels of amino acid increase because if your blood has high levels of acid , it will unable keeping healthy cardiovascular tract which could eventually lead to coronary disease and stroke.

6. Atis fruit is good for people with thyroid problems

Sugar-apples contain a very important element i.e. copper. Copper is a mineral which can help in the production of thyroxin which is thyroid hormone.

All things considered, it can be concluded that sugar-apples are extremely nutritious . For this reason they are often used as home remedies in many cultures. If you are looking for a natural way to gain health benefits and fight against common diseases such as hypertension, heart problems, muscle aches, asthma etc. then sugar-apple is the best choice for you.

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