Have you observed your sleeping patterns and wondered about why you sleep in a particular posture? If not then maybe you would do tonight, as your sleeping position holds secrets of your psyche. The way you hit the bed reveals a lot about your personality. You will surely relate to one of these sleeping positions.

1. The Free Fall Position
Girls if you like to lay flat on the bed as if you were a door mat, then you are likely to have an amicable disposition. If you sleep in an inverted position with your hands tucked under the pillow, then you have a welcoming personality. This posture also tells that you are very compassionate about things in life.

2. The Gummy Bear Position
If you absolutely love to to hug anything and everything while sleeping, it means you are extremely open minded. This position indicates that you are open to people and their thoughts. This nature makes people trust you easily. You are also quite sensitive.

3. The Plank Sleep Position
If you sleep in this position, lying straight with your arms beside you, it means that you live in vanity and think highly of yourself. This position indicates that you tend to have high standards for other people as well. It also means that you are reticent and a quiet person.

4. The Sideways Position
If you sleep like it is shown in the picture then you’re likely to be very calm even in difficult situations. You may often end up getting hurt as people take undue advantage of your generosity. Even though you trust people easily and that trust is quite often broken, you are still strong enough to bury the hatchet.

5. The Heavy Snorer
You would mostly be unaware of the fact that you snore heavily while sleeping. But people may drop hints by saying that they don’t want to join you for the sleepover or would like to sleep in separate rooms. You need to take this cue and even consult a doctor if the problem is aggravated. Snoring while sleeping can make you feel agitated throughout the day as your body may not get enough rest during the night.

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