The Lymph System Allows Cancer To Spread. These Are The 10 Ways To Stop This

The lymph system is made of tissues and organs working together for filtering and cleaning toxic wastes inside. The body has 3 times more lymph than blood and this is the most important filtering system, so we need to know more about what damages this health system and its work.
Almost 80% of immune cells are in the gut, or GALT, gut associated lymphatic tissues. The lymph system is made from lymphocytes, or white blood cells stored in spleen, bone marrow, appendix, behind the heart and lymph nodes.


The body can pump 90% blood and send this back to the heart, the rest 10% is in the lymph. All toxins, bacteria, chemicals and cancer cells go through the lymph and we get warned for foreign bodies that must be removed.

Every cancer has lymph node biopsy as a must. Why? The lymphatics are just leftover blood covering every organ. If lymph flow is impaired, like due to the American diet, cancer cells and toxins cannot be removed.

Here toxins get removed by the bowels. Toxins can eat away the system and get unrecognized by the immunity and lymph, so they are exposed to organs and make metastasis.


This is the reason why every diagnosis needs lymph node biopsy. If cancer is located, it goes in the body overall and you have to get toxic chemo for this spread.

The issue here with chemo is that it attacks both sick and healthy cells. So the lymph system must be healthy to warn immunity cells for a problem and needed detox.

The lymph system is exposed to many toxins every day like pollution, smoking, food additives, pesticides, chemicals, exhausts, prescribed pills and more. Also people lack minerals and vitamins and this makes more damage. Here are the signs of a slow lymph system:Dry

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Swollen breasts and soreness every cycle
  • Foggy brain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Bad blood flow
  • Cellulite
  • AM soreness and stiffness
  • Constipation
  • Exhaustion
  • Discolored legs


Workouts – anything that needs movements from zero gravity helps. This means rebounding or making the lymph go up the heart and auxiliary lymph channels and this needs muscular efforts like pushing.

Inversion – this makes lymph moves from lower to upper parts in the body. Mix workouts and inversions like yoga.

Deep breathing– this is good for the lymph moving to the channels. We have more lymph and less blood so every activity needs deep breaths.

Diet – remove processed foods and GMOs. Eat whole foods and plants. Also eat what every season has, cooling foods in summer and warm in winter.

Red foods – beets, cherries, cranberries, pomegranates all cleanse the lymph and system.

Dry brush every morning – do this with natural bristle brush for lymph moving. Also brush upwards from arms and legs to the heart in circle motions.

Lukewarm water – no sugary drinks, instead get lukewarm water fluoride free too. This makes lymph lubricated and flowing easy.

Massage – this stimulates lymph to the heart. Also aids for stress removal and this is the cause for bad lymph flow.

Iodine – low iodine means bad lymph flow. Iodine makes toxin removal with the lymph and for this reason consume more iodine foods.


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