They Never Get Sick,They Don’t Know About Cancer: Live to 120 years, This Is Their Secret!

Have you ever heard of the Hunza people? The Hunza people live in the mountains, located in North Pakistan, and to be honest with you – they like they are people from another planet.

The Hunza people are so special because they live an average of 100 years.Their standard of living is totally different from the other people, and the healthy way of that kind of living should be an example to us. These people are bathing in cold water,even if it’s below zero.

The Hunza people don’t eat imported foods and they produce their own food . They always consume raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, dried apricots, many different cereals (millet, buckwheat and barley), legumes and rarely cheese, milk and eggs, and they never eat snacks. The Hunza people walk all day and they eat a little. 

You should also know that the Hunza people, in a period of 2 to 4 months, don’t eat anything. They just drink juice of dried apricot. Well, this is part of their tradition and they all respect it. The Hunza people are usually fasting in the period when their fruits are not ready yet. Some medical experts claim that this fasting period and their diet is the main reason why they have healthy life and why they live so long . The high amounts of apricots keep them safe from tumor and cancer appearance. This is because the apricot seeds are rich with the B-17 compound, which is powerful anti-cancer agent.

Some reports have shown that some Hunza people lived up to 160 years. They always look young and their women can give birth at 65. According to a story, published in 1984, about Said Abdul Mbundu, from the Hunza people who’ve arrived in London and the security officers at the airport were shocked when they saw that he was born in 1832.

source: Viral Alternative News 

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