They Said That Drinking Lemon Water In The Mornings Is Good, But This What They Did Not Tell You!

Lemon juice contains a lot of nutrients that help us to enjoy good health.Potassium, vitamin B and C, antioxidants and flavonoids that allow the body to stay healthy and free from some unpleasant diseases. In addition, lemon juice is also an amazing antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Surely you have heard that drinking lemon water in the morning, when getting out of bed, is of great benefit to the body.

This blend has high levels of bioflavonoids that include magnesium, calcium, pectin and, of course, citric acid that will improve your immune system by almost 100%, thus avoiding the onset of infections in the body.

The best time for consuming lemon water is in the morning when you get out of bed, on an empty stomach, when your body is completely cleaned of leftover food.


The main reason is that when the stomach is empty the lemon water acts as a detoxifier, that is, it removes from your body everything that may be damaging it. In addition, it increases weight loss, controls the PH of the body and helps to improve the digestive process.

Now, pay close attention to the benefits that we will show you below and run to prepare your water with lemon for the mornings if you still do not:

1. Fibromyalgia: Taking this water helps to almost completely alleviate the pains of this terrible disease. It can be supplemented with yoga.

2. Colitis: When the acid / alkaline levels of the body are unbalanced colitis occurs. This water counteracts this problem and levels the PH of the body.
3. Joint pain: Lemon water helps to expel boric acid from joints and reduces inflammation. It is recommended for people with arthritis.
4. Gallbladder: Consuming lemon water during meals helps reduce pain from gallstones.
5. Kidney stones: The lemon has potassium that increases citrate in the urine and prevents the formation of stones.
6. Weight Loss: Pectin reduces the feeling of hunger during the day. It also lowers blood sugar levels.
7. Acne: Regulates the acid temperature of the body and prevents the formation of irritated outbreaks.
8. Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory properties help control acidity and decrease inflammation of tissues.
9. Immune system: It stimulates the functions of the lymphatic system increasing the immune response of the organism.
10. Gripes and colds: Thanks to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in addition to the vitamin C you have is the treatment against these problems.
Remember that the best way to stay healthy is to prevent illness. Take care of your body!




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