This Is Better Than Any Other Medications: One Cup Of This Mixture And You Will Get Rid Of Headache Immediately!

Coffee and lemon the most  effective remedy that will help you to get rid of headaches in few seconds.

Caffeine has a vasoconstrictor effect, which means that it causes capillaries in the brain to narrow and by doing so, it relieves headache, which is caused by vasodilatation or enlargement of blood vessels. But don’t exaggerate with coffee if you are not taking it as a remedy. Caffeine is a excellent remedy, but taken in great quantities may also cause headaches.

Lemon  is rich with essential oils and they are great help for headaches caused by digestive problems. Lemon also contains  acid citric, which converts acid in the digestive tract to create an alkaline state incredibly quickly. Alkaline means higher concentration of oxygen molecules, which relieves migraine pain.

Coffee has bitter taste and warm nature, while lemon has sour taste and cool nature. The combination of these energetic properties (each one having a different beneficial effect) makes of coffee and lemon an efficient remedy.

Here is how you can prepare this remedy:

Prepare a small cup of black coffee without sugar, squeeze half lemon inside and drink it! The taste will be awful, but you will get rid of your headache in less than one  minute.

So you don`t need medication any more, make this incredible remedy to stop your headache immediately!


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