This One Capsule Can Change Your Skin Overnight And It Will Cost You Almost Nothing! You Will Wake Up As A Princess!

I have told you many times before this but if you are new user, let me tell you again Vitamin E is a must thing for your skin and it can totally transform your skin very fast. Today I am going to share some overnight treatments that you can easily do with this and you can notice some visible changes in your skin within just few days of application.

For all these treatments you will need vitamin E capsule. I use evion 400. Just take the capsule, pin it and squeeze out its oil

Dark circles

For dark circles mix few drops of vitamin E oil with almond oil and massage it for few minutes on your dark circles

Leave it overnight

Dry/chapped lips

Just take few drops of vitamin E oil and apply it all over your lips

Leave it overnight

Night cream

If you use any face moisturizer. Before application add few drops of vitamin e oil in your moisturizer. Mix and apply it on your face

If you do not have any moisturizer. Mix aloe vera gel with few drops of vitamin E oil and apply it on your face as moisturizer


Mix few drops of vitamin E oil and castor oil. Apply it on eyebrows and eyelashes

Leave it overnight

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