This Recipe Of Two Ingredients Became A Worldwide Hit: It Melts Fat And Reduces Bad Cholesterol Almost Immediately!

Due to the fast lifestyle, poor diet and lack of physical activity, high levels of fat in the blood has become the disease of today.

Sometimes when the level of fat is increased, one can notice fat on the upper eyelids or other body parts.

if you have high levels of fat and bad cholesterol  in the blood, I will recommend you this product because it has helped to many people.



  • dried figs
  • apple cider vinegar


You need to make this remedy at night and drink it in the morning. Take three dried figs and make small holes with a toothpick on all their sides, then place them in a glass container in which you previously have placed 2dl apple cider vinegar.

Leave the remedy to stand overnight and eat the three figs in the morning. Don’t throw away the rest of the vinegar, but you can put three figs prepared in the same manner in that same vinegar the next night.

2 dl vinegar can be used for seven days. The eighth day take new vinegar and repeat the procedure for another week.

This helpful recipe will help you to get rid of fat and bad cholesterol quickly, and after two or tree days you will notice the results!

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