What Your Ears Say About You: You Can Detect Any Disease With The Color And Shape Of Them!

The ear is the outer part of the auditory system, which plays a very important role in capturing sound vibrations and redirecting them into the ear.

But, you probably do not know that it is possible to know different aspects of your personality thanks to the ears, being able to detect even an illness.

In this article, we will show you some of the most important facts that ears say about you.

What you need to know about what the ears reveal about you

1.They determine the genetics. 

If the ears are near the neck it means that the person belongs to the recessive gene, whereas if the ears are far from the neck it means that the person is part of the dominant gene.

2.They serve as identification.

The ears can also function as a fingerprint, because their shape never changes, but only increases in size over the years.

3.Warn about coronary diseases.

Studies have found that people with a sulcus that crosses the earlobe are more likely to have coronary heart disease.

4.Warn about the lack of vitamins and calcium.

If you notice that your ears are very pale compared to the rest of the body, it may be because the vitamin and calcium levels are low.

5.Warn about kidney problems. 

If your ears are red lately, it may be due to kidney problems.

6.They warn about cerebral affections

When the ears look red and inflamed, it can be due to brain problems.

It is important for you to always pay attention to your ears because only in this way you will be to detect any problems on time and fix it or treat it as soon as possible.

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