When You Find Out What Banana Peels Can Do To Your Waistline, You’ll Never Stop Using Them!

Many people throw away the peel from bananas but  they actually didn`t know that 50% of the banana’s nutrients are inside it.

So, as they already are delicacy in many parts in the world, other people should start using them also because they are very effective when it comes to weight loss.

Here’s how a banana peel can help you lose weight: 

1.It provides 12% of your daily fiber. Besides helping with  digestion, it can also reduce the  risk of diabetes

2.You get 17% of your vitamin C. This is essential for your immune system.

3.Banana peel delivers 20% of your vitamin B-6. This is beneficial for the conversion of food into energy in the body.

4.It provides 12% of your potassium. This contributes to the development of cells, tissues, as well as  organs across the body

5.You get 8% of your magnesium. This is essential  for  the body’s energy productions, as well as regulation of glucose and blood pressure.

Green or Yellow?

Green, of course.They are great for raising dopamine and serotonin levels. Also they are ideal choice for weight loss, have higher content of probiotics which enhance the weight loss process, and they can also control the emotional eating.

How To Eat Banana Peel?

1.Boil the peel to make amazing tea from banana

2.Remove either ends of the peel and add it into any kind of smoothie,

3.And you should take in mind to use banana peels instead of using potatoes for curry.

It is always advisable to use peels from organic bananas, and to wash them thoroughly before use!

Health Benefits of Eating Banana Peels





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