Why Is This Hidden from the Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

Ten causes of cancer have not been talked about in order for the pharmaceutical industry to gain profit from this harsh disease, according to alternative web pages where it was published an intriguing list of all of them.

1. Hormones in meat and milk:

Most of the farm animals are fed with artificial hormones, in order to gain more milk and meat. The artificial hormones can cause inflammation, depression, cancer and many more disease.

2. Mammography, dental X-ray, airport scanners:

Did your mammography technician forget to tell you to put a protective cover over your chest before he ran away from the office? Yes, it is the deadly rays that cause cancer, and you came in order stop it or react in time.

3. Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirant (and chemtrails):

Most of the breast cancer occurs in its upper quadrant, near the armpit, right where we apply deodorants full with aluminum. Use homemade or organic deodorants.

4. Toxic cosmetics:

The skin is our largest organ and we treat it with preparative and decorative cosmetics which are full of petroleum and coal tar. Through the skin, these toxic substances enter easily the bloodstream making it a fertile ground for cancer cells. Start using organic or homemade cosmetics and repair the damage.

5. GMO soybeans and corn:

Most of the soy in America is genetically modified, and if you love, for example, soy milk, switch to another because … Soy milk contains hemagglutinin, an ingredient that converts red blood cells into clots. Additionally, soy increases the estrogen. Buy organic milk, whichever type you prefer (cow, rice, oatmeal …)

6. Artificial sweeteners:

Aspartame, as the main ingredient of artificial sweeteners, is feces from a GMO bacteria E.coli, which resides in the colon as a sewage disposal. You can find the notorious aspartame in almost all types of chewing gum, medicines and most foods. Stay away from it and turn to wheat malts, stevia, maple syrup, honey or raw organic sugar.

7. Fluoridated water:

No, this is not a mineral found in nature nor it purifies the water running through pipes. Fluor actually pollutes water and washed away the minerals from our body weakening the immune system. Drink spring water.

8. Drugs, vaccines:

Find an honest doctor who will give you advices on healthy lifestyle and nutrition as prevention from cancer. Stay away from “drugs” produced by big famous pharmaceutical companies whose only goal is their earning and which find your disease of great interest.

9. Artificial food coloring and preservatives, additives:

Almost any artificial food coloring is produced in a laboratory. Strong preservatives literally suffocate your cells and turn them into cancer cells. Turn to colorful organic fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, seeds. They are healthy, and make the plate more beautiful … Do not buy food from boxes and cans.

10. Commercial soaps, shampoos, pastes, creams:

Again, everything you apply to the skin, hair or teeth ends up in your bloodstream. Perfumes, dyes, animal by-products and other suspicious substances can cause cancer. Make them yourself or buy organic, natural cosmetics. There is a saying “Do not put on your skin anything you can`t eat.”

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