Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby On The Lips!

Do you allow people to kiss your baby on the lips?  After you read this article you will never let anyone to kiss your baby on the lips. Here`s why

When you are a parent, you are doing everything in your power to protect your newborn baby, so many people can make you feel you are being over protective.

But, It is very important to know that if your kids are having a cold, cough and green snot is running at full steam from both nostrils, you shouldn’t send them to kindergarten, but stay home. Kissing and cuddling with other children is also not allowed. Nobody would want to spend a week working from home and caring for vomiting youngsters in the same time and plus paying for childcare. Nobody has to stay in bed during the weekend, only because, you got it to.

While you think that moms are being silly for rushing off to the doctors every five minutes and for wrapping their children in cotton, here is one horror story that would change your attitude.

Claire Henderson, spent five long days in hospital because her newborn daughter Brooke developed a herpes virus on her lips, cheeks and chin after being kissed on the mouth.

Fortunately, the story has happy ending.This is important to know because it was shown that this virus can be deadly for babies younger than 3 months, which has been proved last year, when baby from Queensland, named Eloise Lampton was attacked by this virus only several days after birth and was too weak to survive the virus.

Here is what Claire Henderson wrote on social media after what happened to her baby girl: “The moral of the story is do not let anyone kiss your newborn’s mouth, even if they don’t look like they have a cold sore. And if someone had a cold sore, ask them to stay away until it has gone.”

Here comes the question: Why would anyone like to visit some baby with weak immune system which is helpless  while they are having a cold sore, and even kiss her on the lips?

There is no excuse for it.

During the first six weeks, the immune system is extremely weak and unable to fight against most of the germs that are found in the adults. You may consider the runny nose or a sore throat as nothing special and harmless, but you should know that  the baby is completely unable to fight against these conditions.

So, you should be extremely careful about this in the future.

It is in the interest of your baby’s health to provide him with the best possible health care. You shouldn’t answer to anyone for being overprotective when it comes to the health of your baby.

This article conveys one very significant message to all parents around the world: Never let anyone kiss your baby on the lips or to be near sick children. Do not go for a visit, if you or your children are not immunized.

When the life of your child is at risk,  you should not be polite.


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