With The Help Of This Genius Trick You’ll Clean Your Clogged Drainpipes In Only 2 Minutes!

One of the most annoying problems that can appear in one household are clogged drainpipes. People usually need a lot of time to solve that problem and it also takes a lot of effort. Luckily for you, in this article, we’re going to present you an excellent solution that is going to help you fast and efficiently!

You’ll never have to buy any harmful chemical product again! Just do this simple trick!

First, all you have to do is dispose of the excess of water in your sink. After you’ve done that, pour half a glass of sodium citrate and half a glass of baking soda into your clogged drainpipes.

Then, use a gentle flow of warm water (about 1 glass). It will make a reaction between the sodium citrate and baking soda. The reaction will create foam.

All the tiny pieces of food and fat or grease which have contributed to the clogging will be dissolved! Use a greater flow of hot water after 10 minutes to rinse everything thoroughly! Your drainpipes will be as good as new!

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