Woman Gives Birth To 11 Babies WITHOUT C-Section

The doctors were in shock by this amazing miracle. Namely one 42 year old woman gave birth to 11 healthy babies without caesarian section.

According to the hospital report, after only 2 hours in labor, Mariyah Fernandez gave birth to 11 healthy babies. This woman said that she had problems to stay pregnant, which was the main reason why she and her husband decided to try with in vitro fertilization. But they got more than one baby.

She gave birth to 11 baby boys, while six of them were identical twins weighting from 1-1.5 pound. At this moment they are in the neonatal intensive care department in stable condition at Riley Children’s Hospital.

The doctors were happy to have smooth delivery without caesarian section, which left them shocked and amazed. Dr. William Roberts stated:

They literally came out one after another. Only 37 minutes have passed from the time when the first one came out to the eleventh.

Mariya Fernandez and her family will be probably registered in the 2015 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records because the hospital contacted them.


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