Your Skin Is Itching? You Have Dry Mouth And You Often Feel Hunger? Check Out Your Condition Immediately!

These facts may surprise you, but if you have digestive problems, it is highly likely that you level of blood sugar is elevated. Also it is important to know that the high blood sugar does not affect just to diabetics. In fact, every person should worry about their own blood sugar level, because if someone (who is healthy) has high blood sugar level for extended periods of time can lead to diabetes or other serious health diseases.

There are several factors that contribute to high levels of blood sugar, some can be controlled and some not.

The most common factors for this situation are:

  • Stress
  • Physical inactivity
  • Poor diet
  • Health problems
  • Intake of certain drugs

How to find out that something is wrong with your body or that the insulin is not doing its job properly?

As i mentioned before high blood sugar is just a symptom of diabetes, so it doesn’t mean that if you have high blood sugar level that you have diabetes.The high levels of  blood sugar can be recognized by many symptoms such as:

1.Dry mouth

2.Increased thirst

3.Stomach problems


5.Slow healing of cuts and wounds

6.Always being hungry

7.Dry and itchy skin

8.Frequent urination and urination during the night

9.Difficulty concentrating

10.Nerve problems

11.Blurred vision

12Recurrent infections

13.Excess abdominal fat/weight gain

14.Daily fatigue or extreme tiredness

If you find out any of these symptoms you must visit your doctor and make several necessary tests.


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