10-Minute Foot Bath to Treat Your Sciatic Nerve Pain

Today we want to touch on the subject of the sciatic nerve pain and how to treat it. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest that exists in the human body. It is hypersensitive and inflames more often than others. Its function is to be responsible for the movement of the lower limbs.

If this nerve gets inflammation, it comes unbearable pain. The pain spreads down the knee, over the ribs, even the back. What’s more, the pain can be different, sometimes it is burning and shooting, sometimes pricking and pulling, sometimes aching.

If severe pain occurs in both legs, doctors talk about bilateral neuralgia. This process is the most torturous for a person. Sometimes pain simply paralyzes a person and he becomes unable to move.

There are some ways to ease pain such as natural solutions, cures and physical exercises. Just for the record, the easiest way to reduce pain is to get drugs. You should know that they do not treat the main cause, only lower the symptoms.

Because of this intolerable pain, your daily life can be difficult. You must take some measures to eliminate the pain. We have some treatment for you. This is 10-minute foot bath, adding it to your daily routine will help alleviate the symptoms of the sciatic nerve pain.

You should treat your nerve for 10 minutes before going to bed.

#1. Take a bucket and fill it with water hot enough to be bearable

#2. Put a handful of salt and 1 liter of apple cider vinegar

#3. Blend it till the salt is melted

#4. Soak your feet in the bucket and keep them there till the water chills out

#5. When you take out your feet, dry them with a towel

#6. Finally, go to sleep and keep your feet heated the entire night

The next day, you shouldn’t walk barefoot, wear socks and slippers. The main point is to repeat this treatment regularly until you feel better. Take Care!

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