10 Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body.The main job of this organ is to filter the blood. It also metabolizes drugs, detoxifies chemicals and makes proteins essential for blood clotting.

Modern life has brought numerous hazards that can harm the liver, and our body is constantly warning us that it is overloaded with poisonous substances. In this state, the body urgently needs detoxification in order to restore the proper function of its organs.

Here we will present you 10 tell-tale signs that your liver is actually dysfunctional

1.Pain above the eyes  

It may be well related with ongoing liver problem because of body imbalance if you feel a headache that starts behind the eyes. Your organism will actually react with inflammation behind your eyes when blood and food are not properly filtered in the liver or digested.

2.Varicose veins and hemorrhoid

This problem manifest as a consequence when the circulatory system begins to fail. Unhealthy liver can cause poor circulation.

3.Chronic fatigue

If you feel chronically exhausted and tired you have problem with your liver. Your organ is not able to detox the blood efficiently when it’s not healthy anymore. Transporting oxygen throughout the body is the main function of the blood in your blood vessels so it won’t perform this job as effectively as it should if the blood is “sick”.

4.Pain in the stomach after taking fatty foods

The liver also helps in the digestion of food. You will usually experience a stomachache after eating a fatty meal. This problem can be solved if you diet is low in excessively processed and refined foods.

5.Pain under the shoulder blades

6.Bitter taste in the mouth after eating                                  

The liver releases bile to break down food into digestive system when you eat food. As a result of your liver releasing unusual amounts of bile, you might notice a bitter taste in the mouth after consuming food.

7.Bright or Pale Stool


9.Bile “attack”

10.Feeling Nauseous

Since the liver has direct ‘feedback’ on your digestive system, it is very usual to feel some form of nausea when the liver is not doing its job properly. When you experience this nausea, keep a track of which foods you have been consuming. You will experience a higher degree of nausea when you consume foods with a higher load of toxicity.

Useful tips and tricks

  • Drink enough water
  •  Reducing and totally cutting alcohol consumption
  • Consuming a mostly plant-based diet
  • Living a healthy lifestyle
  • Regular exercising
  • Reduce the consumption of dairy and wheat processed foods
  •  Lemon water in the morning will make your liver work less laboriously.

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