11 Natural And Traditional Rituals To Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy

According to Feng Shui philosophy, the places in your home where you feel most energetic, most relaxed and at ease, places where you’re full with positivity are actually places with the best energy flow. On the other hand, places where you feel lethargic, frustrated, uninspired and negative are places with blocked energy flow.

The best thing to do in such cases to help yourself is turn to the space cleansing and clearing rituals practiced by our ancestors. These will not only renew the energy of that place, but also improve your overall wellbeing, make you feel rejuvenated, remove any energy blocks or stagnating negativity surrounding you.

Some of these rituals included burning a stick of sage, thus spreading smog of ions which turns the negative vibes in the place into positive ones. But, beside sage, other herbs can also be used for this purpose. Read on and find out how to unblock energy flow in your home and improve your aura.

Note: Whenever practicing any of these rituals, it’s important to keep the windows open and not to leave any of the rituals that require burning unattended. Letting in some fresh air, sunshine or moonlight will bring better natural enrichment.

  1. For Decluttering, Burn Cedar

Burning cedar frees any negative energy in your home, for instance when you get rid of old clothing or things associated with bad memories. Burning some cedar is recommended in such cases as it can clear the space of any remaining energy connected to the objects that once stood in that space. This practice is also beneficial when new things or antiques replace old ones.

  1. For Purification, Burn Resins

A lot of ancient cultures used resins such as frankincense and myrrh as natural purifiers. It’s good to know that resins burn hard, so it’s best to light the tip of some charcoal with a match or lighter, and put it on a nonflammable surface like sand or a ceramic or clay bowl, tile, or plate. When the charcoal starts burning a little, put some resin on top of it. Be cautious not to burn yourself during the process. It’s believed that the smog from the frankincense can carry the wishes of those in this world to the spiritual realm, thus setting your mind up for meditation. The antibacterial effect it provides is an added bonus. On the other hand, burning myrrh improves concentration, balances the energy in the body and provides a number of medicinal effects too.

  1. For Prosperity, Burn Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a sacred wood thriving on the coastline of South America. It was used in rituals by native shamans to promote love and prosperity, but also to eliminate negative energy in the air. Although it burns slowly, it releases a woody aroma which triggers positive feelings and attracts good energy.

  1. For Clarity, Burn Tibetan Monastery Incense

Tibetan Monastery Incense which consists of about 38 Himalayan herbs and infusions is believed to provide a deeply purifying effect in the area where it’s burnt. The ritual brings a sense of calmness and serenity similar to the energy in a meditation hall.

  1. For Grounding, Yourself, Burn Sandalwood

Sandalwood is both strong and aromatic. Burning it instantly promotes good energy flow in the room and has a calming effect on your mind.

  1. For Ease And Comfort, Burn Juniper

Burning juniper can help you relax your shoulders, unwind, and feel more comfortable. It also promotes a general sense of personal space, solace, and energy.

  1. For Loving Aura, Burn Yerba Santa

In ancient cultures, Yerba Santa was believed to blend together broken hearts. When burn in a room where people spend most time together, it can drive out any hate, awkwardness or bad blood caused by relationship troubles. Plus, it stimulates more care and love in a person and between people.

  1. For New Beginnings, Burn Rosemary

Aside from being a common food ingredient that improves the taste of traditional casseroles, turkey and more, rosemary, when burnt, is extremely beneficial in periods that mark a fresh start in life. This includes being more creative, forming a new habit or breaking an old one, going on a journey etc. Thanks to its powerful aroma, rosemary boosts self-confidence and self-assurance in people.

  1. For Fantasy Visions At Night, Burn Mugwort

Believed to promote fantastical and adventurous dreams, Mugwort provides magical effects, especially when burnt in the bedroom before bedtime.

  1. For A Sense of Inner Peace, Light A Himalayan Salt Lamp

This practice is extremely suitable for people who can’t indulge in burning rituals. In essence, when lit, Himalayan salt lamps produce soothing peach glow and remove negative ions in the air thus creating an overall sense of tranquility. They can easily be used in offices, homes, especially in the bedroom to eliminate any stress that burdens you and improve your sleep quality.

  1. For Overall Elemental Cleansing

Elemental purification of any space involves the four steps – burning a candle, keeping a bowl of rock salt, a glass of water and lighting any incense of your preference and placing them all next to each other in a room you want to cleanse. This can be followed by physical cleaning of the room, including sweeping, mopping etc., as this too eliminates bad energies.


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