12 Signs He Is Not In Love With You, You’re Just Convenient

You are not quite sure whether he loves you or you are just convenient at the moment? Read this and you will soon find out the truth.

1. He never opens up emotionally

If you don’t feel love for someone you can’t open up your heart to them.Only those men who are truly sure of their feelings share their deepest thoughts with the loved one.

2. He only seems close when he wants s*x

He might as well turn the world around for you, get all sweet and cute and cuddly when he is real, only in the mood to get under the sheets with you.

3. He keeps in touch with his ex(s)

Let’s put it this way… Plan B! Sorry girls, but a man who isn’t sure of his feelings towards you probably can’t get over his ex. If you notice this, dump him – he’s an idiot.

4. You sometimes feel like a stranger around him

You could never feel calm and right around a person who doesn’t give you the vibe that he really cares about you. You will always feel like it’s your body that is making him spend time with you.

5. He only knows you on a surface level

He doesn’t make an effort to get to know the real you when he doesn’t care about you. Notice this sign very carefully and you will find out whether it is the real deal.

6. He always walks out on arguments

You are simply convenient. To him, you are not worth it. Why bother with someone he doesn’t care about?

7. He never looks like he cares where the relationship is going

Because he really doesn’t. It is all just a game, and every game has a “game over”. Simple as that.

8. He never seems concerned about you

He would never be able to offer you protection and care and love because he is just not that into you to feel that way.

9. He spends more time with friends than you

Friends are convenient for him of course. Sure he will spend more time with them. Get it?

10. He never seems invested in the moment

You know you have everything organized: romantic dinner, candles, soft music, a wild run after it…He sees all that and the look on his face is “yeah, whatever, at least I’ll get some”. Rough, huh?

11. You have never met his family

Have you? Of course not. He doesn’t consider you that serious to even think about introducing you to his parents or siblings. He doesn’t care enough. You are just convenient. Deal with it.

12. You have just got an overall bad feeling

The intent is to help you. These are clear signs that you can do better, that you can be loved and respected just by another guy. Don’t fight the signs, he is simply not the one.


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