25 Signs Your Man Loves You, Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

Do you know the golden rule “First speak, then do”? Let’s think about it.

Sometimes there is even no need to speak, all you need to do is act. No matter what it is exactly that you want to do. Today’s topic is somewhat related to this. Actions speak for themselves. What is more, sometimes actions and deeds speak way louder than the words do.

This relates to your love life as well. We prefer our men to do more and to speak less, don’t we? Today we want to present 25 signs that your man loves you, even if he does not say it out loud. You see, telling someone that you love him/her makes you vulnerable so not many people are ready to take that risk.

#1. He discusses the future with you and makes plans that are in line with yours.

#2. He respects you and makes you and your wishes his priority. He does not behave oppressively and treats you as his equal.

#3. He is not clingy but he checks how are you regularly. His care and curiosity is sincere and you can feel it.

#4. He indulges you whims and gives you presents that you will definitely like.

#5. He does not lie and he is honest with you, even the truth is bitter.

#6. He is not selfish. He knows how to compromise in order to make you happy.

#7. When it comes to arguing, he is rational. He controls his emotions in order not to offend you.

#8. He shows his interest in you. He plays openly.

#9. He protects you and does his best for you to feel safe when you are with him.

#10. You are his main focus. He adjusts his life and plans in order to include you in his life.

#11. He is “hand-holding”. He is with you not only when everything is fine but also when you are down. Especially, when you are down.

#12. He considers your plans and respects your private space. There are more signs that can show your man’s feelings to you.

#13. He is jealous sometimes.

#14. He makes investments in you. He wants you to become better and supports you in your endeavours.

#15. He is the same when he is with you only and when you are in company.

#16. He does not use his phone much when you are together.

#17. You have common interests.

#18. You can make him laugh. He also smiles a lot when he is around you.

#19. He strives to impress you.

#20. You have come through tough times together.

#21. You split your house chores equally.

#22. He says “we” when something concerns you both.

#23. He is gentle with you.

#24. He uses “pet” names to please you.

#25. He gives you compliments all the time.

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