4 Plants That Protect The Alzheimer’s Brain, Anxiety, Depression and More!

Each day medicinal plants receive more and more recognition, as they are constantly used as part of alternative treatments that have proven to be effective, bringing about improvements in people. We must not forget that Nature is what heals.

Every person struggles with different ailments or diseases due to genetic load or due to an intense and stressful lifestyle, which affects our internal systems, which results in certain complications over time.

In addition to all this, many people are specifically dealing with Alzheimer’s brain disease and different types of mental problems, such as anxiety and depression, and therefore need medical help.

And although conventional medicine does not help us get rid of these health problems, there is a natural medicine that contains tons of prescriptions and treatments that can be used to treat them.

This is what we will see in this article; plants that wonderfully help in the treatment and elimination of stress, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and more!


Rosemary has been widely used to cure a large number of diseases. However, it has only recently been shown that it can improve memory significantly if it is inhaled, making it a highly recommended plant among medical experts for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

It should be consumed daily in infusion. It helps enormously to the liver, (very important organ). Pregnancy is not recommended for use.


Peppermint eliminates stomach problems and improves overall health. Inhaling peppermint tea will stimulate the brain and its functioning will improve.

It also causes oxygen levels to rise, helping to control the pressure.


A tree with unique shaped leaves and round yellow fruits, which is known to treat different diseases. The fruit is rich in anti-oxidants that protect the body’s organs from any harm. According to several studies, the fruit can cure dementia as it helps improve overall blood flow, including the brain.

It is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, nor in women with strong menstruations, if there is a serious injury if anticoagulants are being taken. You should not mix with medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen.


This plant is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, improves mood and encourages brain activity. It is highly recommended for people with Alzheimer’s as it has been shown to cause improvement.

It is also not recommended during pregnancy or lactation, it is not suitable for children or people with migraines or headaches. People with insomnia should avoid it and also people with high blood pressure and with heart or vascular diseases.

Not recommended for people with thyroid or diabetic gland disorders.

NOTE: If you want to try any of these plants, consult with a medical expert to make sure that you will not cause complications.

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