5 Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Kidney Stones You Should Be Aware Of

This is a very common condition of the urinary tract, especially between the age of 20 and 40.Concentrated urine causes the creation of hard crystalline minerals in the kidneys knows as kidney stones and shape and size of the kidney can be different.

The kidneys’ function is to cleanse the toxins, extra water and waste from the blood and release these substances through urination. From the kidneys, the urine goes through the bladder and finally outside of the body through the urethra. If the toxins are not dissolved and expelled they become little crystals that then for a stone.

The small stones are expelled from the body easily,but If the stones are larger, they cannot be expelled and they cause different symptoms since the urethra is blocked.here are some of symptoms that everybody should know:

1.Kidney pain

Pain in the abdomen can occur if a kidney stone is stuck in one of the kidneys. The pain is sudden and severe, and It is one of the worst pains that you can experience. You can also feel pain in the genitals, groin or back.

Renal colic

The pain will remain in any position of the body.. The stone moves inside of the kidneys, and can cause sweating and sickness because of the extreme pains.

3. Blood in the urine

Stomach pain that is accompanied with blood in the urine is a common symptom of kidney stones. Reddish or pinkish urine is caused by the rubbing of the stone against the ureter.

4. Infections

Pain while urinating, common infections of the urinary tract and fever appear in cases of kidney stones.

•5.Pain record

Try to analyze the time when the pain appears if you are not certain that you have kidney stones. Morning pains are common,if you do not urinate so often when sleeping at night.

Early symptoms of kidney stones

• Frequent painful urination – this sign appears very early. Frequent urination and urination of small amounts happens, even without drinking any fluids.

• Vomiting and nausea – this symptom occurs because your body cannot expel the waste. The kidneys’ function is affected negatively and the body tries to eliminate the toxins through vomiting.

• Smelly, discolored and cloudy urine – pungent smelling urine that is cloudy and with irregular color appears because of the remaining toxic and chemical substances in your body.

• Difficulty sitting and lying – large stones may cause this early sign. Standing up will be much easier.

If you have some of this signs and symptoms of kidney stones, consult a medical professional as fast as you can.





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