6 Ways To Completely Remove Wax From The Ears!

Wax or earwax is the natural protection of the ear, as it prevents insects or foreign particles from entering the ear canal.

Why does the wax fulfill this function? The ear is not only the organ of hearing, but also controls the balance and is involved in the movements that the body performs.

Sometimes, however, the amount of wax produced by the ear can be excessive, which causes different problems. That is why below we show you different ways to get rid of excess wax from your home.

Eliminates excess wax

Although it is a completely natural substance, when the ear produces excess earwax this can bring different health complications, such as:

Hearing problems, such as pain and decreased ability to hear

  • Dizziness.
  • Ears “clogged”.
  • Tinnitus.

These are complications are annoying, and can be caused by three factors: abuse of hearing aids, not cleaning the ear properly and using earplugs.

Whatever the reason, the truth is there is a need to maintain proper hygiene in the ear, to avoid wax plugging, as this can sometimes infections.

If you prefer not to use swabs, utensil advised by many doctors, here are other ways to remove wax:

Olive oil: use before bed. Pour a few drops into one ear only, then do it with the other the next night. Repeat four days in a row and you will see the results.

Alcohol and vinegar: mix both liquids and soak a cotton of a certain size in the substance. Place inside ear for a few minutes and then remove.

Glycerin: With only about five drops in each ear you can undo the wax. Cleans very well.

Water and hydrogen peroxide: mix both liquids and spills a few drops into the ear. Turn your head and stay that way for a few minutes. Repeat and repeat with the other ear.

Paraffin oil: Heat a few drops of paraffin oil on a spoon glued to a candle. Wait until it is warm and spills a few drops in the ear. Leave to act and remove with water.

With all these remedies you will be able to soften the wax plugs inside the ear.


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