700lbs Monica Riley Wants To Be The Fattest Woman On Earth – Eating 8000 Calories Per Day

Incredibly obese Monika Riley reaches her dream of becoming the fattest woman on earth by tipping the scale at50 stone.

So, instead of trying to lose some weight, the 27-year old girl who comes from Texas, continues piling on the kilograms until she becomes totally immobile.

Monica Riley is a model on Super-Sized Big & Beautiful Women websites and she aims at becoming the fattest woman living in the world by reaching 453 kg. She even wants to become incredibly enormous that will make her bed-bound.

Her boyfriend, Sid Riley, 25 who at the same time is her feeder, spends all his days cooking for his girlfriend. He rolls her over when her 91-inch belly is almost full and feeds her by using a tube. This is incredibly strange and weird goal to reach which probably brings a lot of risks.
Her utmost goal is to become 453 kg and the reach the title the fattest woman in the world.

Take a look at the following video:

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