8 Potential Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer Most Men Don’t Know!

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men and the second leading cause of cancer related death in men in the United States. The average age at the time of diagnosis is about 66 years old, with about 6 cases in 10 diagnosed in men aged 65 or older and very few diagnosed before age 40. Prostate cancer can have no symptoms at all and there is no definitive screening protocol for cancer, due to false positives and false negatives among current screening tests.

If you are worried about prostate cancer, learn to recognize the symptoms and increase your awareness around testing and the stages of prostate cancer, in order to get treatment as quickly as possible.

1.Blood in urine:

This is a warning sign. When there is a cancerous growth in the gland, it could damage blood vessels and cause bleeding. Sometimes, blood can also be spotted with semen during ejaculation.

2.Difficulty Urinating

Having difficulty urinating is a  common sign of prostate cancer is. This is often accompanied by decreased force in the urine stream and even discomfort when you begin to urinate. It can often be challenging to begin or stop urinating when using the restroom.

3.Inability to empty the bladder:

If the urethra gets partially blocked due to the cancerous growth, all the urine may not be expelled. As the cancer progresses, inability to empty the bladder may also develop.

4.Erectile Dysfunction

Some men may notice that they have difficulty getting an erection, which is known as erectile dysfunction. This can begin to occur sporadically then become more frequent, which can disrupt $exual activity.

5.Pain in the pelvic region:

Pain is a primary symptom in cancer patients, and in prostate cancer about 62% of patient experience excruciating pain. It worsens in case the cancerous cells spread and colonise in the vascular areas of the skeleton. Most of the times, men may experience pain during an orgasm, when the actual function of prostate gland comes into the picture. In some cases, persistent pain in the front and back pelvic region may occur.

6. Discomfort

This sing can be due to cancer spreading to certain bones in the body with aches and pains that seem to increase in severity. There can also be discomfort that is experienced when in the sitting position due to an enlarged prostate. The bone pain can become continuous and can even lead to fractures that occur over time.

7.Swelling in Legs or Pelvic Area

Another sign of prostate cancer is swelling that begins to develop in the legs or around the pelvis region.

8.Involuntary Weight Loss

Suffering from weight loss is one of the later signs of prostate cancer, which can begin after the disease has already progressed. There may also be sores that are present in the mouth, which can make it difficult to chew and consume food for proper nutrition. Experts recommend increasing calorie intake and attempting to eat smaller portions of food throughout the day.

If you have any of these signs and symptoms, you should visit a urologist immediately and get yourself diagnosed.




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