Do you feel uncomfortable when you are naked? A great number of people feel unsatisfied with their bodies, so they do not prefer to sleep naked. However, it is considered that sleeping naked has numerous health benefits.


If you are sleeping naked, your sleep quality will be improved and the stress levels will be reduced. There are numerous health benefits of sleeping naked. Here are a few of them:

1. It provides you deeper sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia? Try to sleep naked for at least one night. Sleeping naked will help you to keep the normal body temperature in order to fall asleep. Moreover, it will also help you have a better, deep sleep, without having to turn on your air conditioner.

2. It improves the quality of your sperm

According to the recent researches, sleeping naked improves the quality of the sperm. In addition, tight boxers may increase the testicle temperature, thus reduce the quality of the sperm.

Wearing loose clothes throughout the day and nothing throughout the night may increase the quality of the sperm by 25 pc. The researches have also shown that maintain the temperature of the testicles cool can improve the function of the sperm.

3. It increases the rate of metabolism

If you are sleeping well, the rate of the metabolism is increased. It means that while you are sleeping, you burn fat, too.

4. It slows down the aging process

If you are sleeping with clothes, the body temperature increased and it affects the Human Growth Hormone release that regenerates skin cells. However, sleeping naked will maintain the temperature of the body and slow down the aging process. If the body produces more Human growth hormone, you will get fewer wrinkles.

5. It increases oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone, which is released during sexual intercourse. The levels of oxytocin will be increased by sleeping naked, thus making you feel well and sensual.

6. It helps you stay slim

If you have reduced levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and an increased rate of metabolism, you will lose accumulated fat. In addition, people who are sleeping naked have decreased percentage of fat.

7. It improves blood circulation

While you are lying down, the blood circulation decreases as there is not gravity. In addition, the drawstrings and the elastic bands of the clothes additionally prevent blood circulation. Therefore, sleeping naked promotes blood flow.

8. It enhances skin health

Bacteria survive in moist, warm areas, so clothes, including underwear, can be helpful for women who are prone to yeast infections. Some other areas, as well as the armpits, also benefit from being able to breathe.

9. It enhances your self-esteem

If you experience problems with your body look, sleeping naked may help you learn to accept yourself as you are. You can start by looking at yourself naked in the mirror at night before going to bed. At first, you may not like what you see, even though after a short time, you should get accustomed to how you look naked and you may come to love how you look.


According to the Global Council of Brain Health, except sleeping naked, there are also recommendations for daytime; night time and evening time that can help you enhance your sleep quality. They include:

• Maintain a regular morning and evening routine
• Try to avoid stimulants
• Get rid of electronic from your bedroom
• Avoid evening stress
• Limit daytime naps to less than half an hour a day
• Make the bedrooms a pet-free zone
• Optimize your exposure to light, at day and at night
• Keep the bedroom quiet, dark and cool.

With these tips, it is high time to take off your clothes at night. Leaving your pajamas in the drawers may have positive effects.

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