A Famous Russian Remedy For Your Eyes: Only Two Drops A Day Of This Mixture Will Save Your Vision! (RECIPE)

Long time spent watching TV or in front of the computer is the commonest reason for dry eye occurrence.

In order to improve this health state, Russian medicine recommends the following recipe:

This is how you can make it:

1.Mix natural (organic) honey with distillated water in ratio 1:3.

2.Strain the mixture through gauze and drop one drop of it in each eye, in the morning and in the evening.

3.Practice this method throughout the year, non-stop.

4.Keep this remedy in the refrigerator.

In order to reduce this problem, you need to follow this rules:

– Place humidifier for rooms in your work place.

–  Add ingredients rich in vitamin A in your every day diet, such as carrot, flaxseed oil, melon, sea fish.

– Blink more frequently. This way you will not only wet the eye but you will also maintain eye muscles’ tonus.


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