A recipe that cures cancer without chemotherapy!

A Bosnian woman, who was on life support equipment for 20 days, has conquered cancer with this recipe. The recipe is based on ginger and honey, and brought me back to life, claims the woman for a local portal. She had cancer of the endocrine glands, her condition got worse and she was hospitalized for 20 days and treated with life support equipment. I have cured the cancer without surgery and chemotherapy and now, she says, “I crackle” healthy.

For the preparation of the recipe, two big ginger roots are needed. It’s best if chopped very finely using an electric slicer. Mix the ginger with half a kilo of honey, but keep in mind that the honey must be home made (natural honey). That way prepared mixture, store it in a jar and consume one spoon, 3-4 times a day. It is important to use plastic, wooden or ceramic spoon. Metal spoons are strictly prohibited.

You will feel the first effect after two or three days, says this woman.

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