After this article, you will never put ice in the drink

Nothing better than a warm summer day, especially if you have time to sit in a shade and to order your favorite drink with lots of ice and enjoy the refreshment …

As it may sound tempting, exactly those ice cubes that are refreshing hide less pleasant facts. After reading this, you’ll think twice if you really want them in your drink.


Perhaps the biggest problem is that mold is often found in ice machines. This problem occurs when the freezers are often opened and closed and humid spots incite reproduction of fungi and mold. Mold and Candida is found in as many as 10 percent of the ice.


Only a small amount of contaminated water is enough for the ice to be polluted. Often it is small amounts of microorganisms that can’t cause major health problems, but in some samples were also found the Escherichia coli, Helicobacter and listeria.

If you make ice yourself, after each use, wash, dry and then use the containers for ice,


Many people are not aware of the bad hygiene and the hazards that it is carrying.  A 15 year old boy died in the USA after being infected by contaminated ice cubes.

If the bartender has not washed his hands, you will probably not notice anything in your drink, but be aware of the danger of the ice cubes that are in it.

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