Amazing Tick: Here’s How To Heat A Room For Only 15 Cents Per Day!

On Youtube on his channel he uploaded the video where he shows how this invention actually works. He is using bread tin, tea candles and two flower pots. Everyone can do it because it is really simple.

Around 4 tea candles should be put inside of a bread tin and with a ceramic flower pot that is upside down should be covered the bread tin.

The metal casing leftover from the tea candles should be covering up the hole in the top of the flower pot. That pot is covered by a bigger pot and the holes in the top of the bigger one are uncovered.

The candles are producing gasses that are filled with heated particles that are being captured and channeled through the pots. Through the holes of the uncovered bigger pot the particles rise up and that way they are distributing the heat.

According to the inventor of this amazing way of heating up of the room says that you will get a nice flow around the pots that are warming up the room. He believes that everyone will be amazed by the results of his trick.

For more information watch the video below:

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