Baby Stabbed 90 Times For Biting Mother While Breastfeeding!

It comes the moment when every breastfeeding mother dreads their baby biting down on them while nursing.

There are women who are afraid of this and they will even stop nursing just not to be bitten.

Babies will literally gnaw on anything that relieves the pain of growing the teeth, thus is not rare for them to bite.

Although, there is another reason why they bite you’ve probably never heard of. They bite as a sign of affection.

When the baby bites, the mother stops the nursing. This is the way to punish the baby and let them know that it shouldn’t be doing it.

There’s a tragic story in eastern China where a mother left her eight-month-old baby boy in a pool of blood.

Xiao Bao is a lucky boy which stayed alive after his mother stabbed him 90 times with a pair of scissors in his face, for biting on her nipple while breastfeeding.

He was found by one of his uncles in the yard of his home, and he was taken to the hospital. He got more than 100 stitches and he is on recovery now.

The neighbors pleaded with the local government to take the custody over poor kid, but yet, he’ll stay with his mother and two uncles.

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