Be Careful! What Your Breath May Tell You About Your Health: 6 Diseases That May Be Lurking Behind Your Bad Breath

We all know about various causes of bad breath  and tips or remedies to control them. But, have you ever thought that your breath can tell a lot about your health, and that offensive breath may be a warning sign of serious health conditions? According to some researches, bad breath can be an indicator of serious diseases such as the following:


Did you know your breath can tell you if your blood sugar levels are under control or not?Yes, your breath can tell you about your blood sugar level fluctuations. Diabetics suffer from inadequate insulin production, where in the body is unable to utilize glucose from the blood for energy production. This makes the body burn fats, a process known as ketoacidosis, which increases the levels of ketones in the body. The body tries to eliminate the ketones through the urine and lungs, which gives the typical fruity or acetone-like odor breath.


Some studies have shown that bad breath is an indicator of obesity. Most obese people consume a LOT of unhealthy foods that do not digest properly in the gut and cause an overgrowth of methane gas producing microbes. The foul-smelling methane gas is expelled through the mouth.

3.Kidney or liver failure

Kidney failure or liver complications can be easily detected by means of various signs and symptoms,but your breath can also reveal a lot about these organs. If you are suffering from kidney or liver failure, your breath might produce malodour that can be easily detected. As kidneys or liver fail to function, the various toxins in the body are excreted through the lungs which causes distinct odour in breath.

4.Heart Failure
Heart failure in patients can be detected by using mass spectrometry technology. Breath samples were analyzed for chemical compounds or infections that could be a warning design for heart failure.

5. Oral Cancer
Oral cancers do create many complications, one of which is compromising on your breath quality. A constant foul odor from the breath that doesn’t seem to go away is a sign of mouth cancer.

6.Lung Cancer

People suffering from lung cancer can be differentiated from those affected with other lung complications with the help of a simple breath sample analysis. As the breath of lung cancer patients have different volatile compounds than those seen in normal healthy patients. This can be detected with the help of electric nose technology, which is highly sensitive and aids in easy detection of lung cancer. These volatile compounds easily evaporate into the air and cause a unique odour.


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