Chinese Do Not Suffer From Cancer: This Woman Has Applied Their Method To Overcome The Disease!

We worked a long time on the research, when one of us realized – the Chinese do not eat dairy products, revealed Jane.

Have you heard of Jane Plant? She is a professor and she was diagnosed with cancer at age of 42 years.

When she was diagnosed, she immediately thought her career was over and that her life is over in every sense. However, she decided to fight. Cancer was returned 4 times before she got rid of completely.

What was careful that Jayne rid of this horrible attack was a complete change of diet and lifestyle. When she became ill when she was diagnosed for the first time, her husband worked in China. He began to make cancer research and realized that very few people have it in China. He found that they have a special diet.

Chinese’s is diet based on food that has a very small number of fat, and rich in fiber, which are very important in the fight against breast cancer. Also, the Chinese do not eat a lot of dairy products. He concluded that this is the core of the problem. Jane said before she was diagnosed with cancer, she was eating a lot of different dairy products.

Here’s a part of her story:

“My friends and colleagues from China sending me letters, postcards and various herbal products. They use them to cure cancer, but when I saw what they sent me – I laughed. I really couldn’t believe that some of them cannot protect me, or cure cancer.

However, I kept wondering: Why do women in China do not have breast cancer? I had to examine this in more detail. I sought the help of scientists, because I wanted to get a logical explanation.

We worked a long time on the research, when one of us got the idea: “The Chinese do not eat dairy products!”

We were pretty shocked to discover this, but at the same time, we were very excited. I started to think about my close friends Chinese, who believed that milk is just for babies. Also about my colleague, who always refused polite my offer for the course knowledge of cheeses, as well as the number of people who cannot tolerate milk.

could not remember anyone from China who uses cow’s milk or products to feed their babies. The Chinese have always marveled at our excessive interest in milk and milk products.

We have discovered that milk is a major cause of allergies, and more than 70 percent of the world’s population cannot digest milk sugar, lactose.

Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I consumed a lot of dairy products; yogurt, skim milk, and low fat cheese, and that was my main source of protein.

During chemotherapy I received for the fifth time when the cancer came back, I had to consume the organic yogurt to help digestion and support the development of good bacteria in the gut. However, in 1989 I discovered that yogurt associated with ovarian cancer. Dr. Daniel Cramer of Harvard examined hundreds of women with ovarian cancer, and develop their nutrition.

That’s why I gave up dairy products altogether, including milk, yogurt, butter, and all kinds of dairy products.

Suddenly, I discovered that many of the products we use every day, such as cakes, cookies, soybean, olive and sunflower oils, margarine, packed dairy products in some form. I suggested to the doctor this diet, and for a few days, my bump reduced!

After two weeks, I finished my chemotherapy and I have not used anything from dairy products. The bump began to itch, then softened, and then decreased.

Six weeks without dairy products, I started practicing meditation for an hour a day out of the blue, I felt that the bump disappeared. I asked my husband to help me, but he was not able to find anything. The hospital also told me the same later. They could not find it.

From this point of view, I understand the relationship between breast cancer and dairy products as I realized the link between lung cancer and smoking.

I firmly believe that my discovery helped to heal breast cancer, to maintain balance of my hormonal system, and the health of my breasts. You may find it hard to believe that such a natural substance like milk can actually lead to such health problems, but do not forget that I proved it myself, ” told Jane.


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