Diet with Ginger And Cinnamon: You Can Lose 3 kilos In Just 7 days!!!!

Ginger and cinnamon are not the only spices which have a positive effect on the waistline, but are the ones with the fastest results.

You can consume these two drinks everyday if you want to reduce 3 kilos for 7 days. Then you can make a break of 7 days.

Recipe number 1:

-500 ml water
-50 plain yoghurt
-3 bags black tea,
-tea spoon of cinnamon
-tea spoon of ginger
-tea spoon of honey
-tea spoon of curry.

Put the water to boil and then add all the ingredients, but the yoghurt. When the liquid cools down, strain it and stir it together with the added yoghurt. Drink this instead of a dinner and don’t eat anything for the night. You can only drink water.

Recipe number 2:

-80 ml water
-170 ml milk
-tea spoon of ginger
-tea spoon of cinnamon
-tea spoon of curry.

Add the spices in hot water, later the milk too. Stir until you get a smooth liquid. You should consume this drink before you go to sleep.

Be aware: Both of these drinks are not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from digestive and kidney issues.

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