Do You Have Any Idea What Will Happen IF You Just Ate ONE Pomegranate?

lieve it or not, the key to achieving excellent cardiovascular health can be found in your kitchen. It’s not hidden in the drugs, as you may think.

Pomegranate is a red and sweet fruit that is so effective in the prevention of coronary artery issues. A lot of studies have proven this fact. It can prevent the progressive thickening of the arteries in order to prevent fat accumulation, which is the main reason for atherosclerosis.

Scientists proved that the extracts of this fruit lower the levels of oxidative stress. In addition, pomegranate lowers the infiltration of macrophages in the heart muscle, lowers the lipid accumulation in the heart, and prevents inflammatory diseases.

It was found in a study of 2004 that this fruit unclogs arteries without any difficulties.  This study included a 3-year research which was conducted in Israel. The very same study showed some incredible results: only 1 glass of pomegranate juice reverses the stenosis of carotid arteries by 29% on an annual basis.

Therefore, it is advisable to include more pomegranates in your diet in order to get more vitamin C, to prevent arterial plaque, to reinforce your cardiovascular system, and to treat your bad cholesterol.

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