Do You Have Varicose Veins? Try This Remarkable Remedy It’s The Only Solution For Your Problem!

Varicose veins are basically veins that bulge. Varicose veins on legs are most common, but hemorrhoids are also varicosities. Many of us think that varicose veins and spider veins are simply a cosmetic concern, but for others varicose veins can result in severe pain and serious complications.

Varicose veins can enlarge and worsen over time, and they may also indicate a higher risk of other vascular disorders.

Varicose veins cause the legs and feet to swell, and leg muscles may feel fatigued or heavy, or throb and cramp at night.

Somethimes, varicose veins can cause serious problems and result in chronic venous insufficiency, severe clogging of the blood in the veins that prevents it from returning to the heart.

And while advanced varicose veins may need to be dealt with surgically, there is herbal treatment for mild to moderate cases, in the form of horse chestnut.

Chestnut extract (tincture)


  • 12-15 ripe horse chestnut fruits (freshly harvested)
  • 2.5 dl brandy (cognac)


Grind the chestnut with its bark finely, put it in a jar and then pour in the cognac. Leave to stand for 6-8 weeks.

Add a few drops in water and drink the beverage for better circulation, varicose veins, hemorrhoids…

Horse chestnut – herbal extracts for healthy veins  have been shown to: 

  • improve the appearance of your legs and ankles by reducing swelling
  • reduce cramps and tingling in legs
  • help circulation on long flights
  • reduce pain
  • improve micro-circulation
  • improve capillary flow improve vascular tone

We can’t promise miracles with this herbal extract, but if you start using these herbs early, they can help you to prevent problems from occurring later.

And if your legs are already disfigured, the extract will help reduce edema—which will improve their appearance.

At the end you should remember this:

This herbal extract will help stop your varicose veins from getting worse,  because varicose veins are a medical condition—not just a cosmetic nuisance—that can lead to serious complications.


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