Fantastic Trick! Here Is How To Get Crazy Big Curly Hair Without Hairdryer In Less Then An Hour! (VIDEO)

Put down those curling irons, ladies! If you want healthy, luscious hair, using a lot of heat is not the way to go. But don’t worry, you can still have beautiful curls. there is one simple trick to curl or wave your hair without frying it with the blow-dryer, curling iron, or wand.

All you need for this trick is a bit of wax or foam for hair, hair brush and hairpins , and you will get a beautiful curls like never before.

1.Separate one clump form your hair and apply foam or wax over it.




2. Twist the clump tightly.


3. Wrapped the clump in a mini bun.


4.Use a small hairpin to pin the twist on top of your head.


5. You need repeat the same procedure to the whole hair.


You should hold the twisted strands for an hour. Then you need to remove the hairpin, and to unrolled the twisted strands with your fingers.Do this gently if you want tight curls.

Bend your head down and loose your hair with your fingers. Your will get a messy, spiral curls, like never before.

Watch this video and follow the instructions:

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