First They Tear The Body Parts, And Then Break The Head! Here Is What Happens To The Baby During Abortion! (Disturbing Video)

Many people don’t know what happens with the fetus during late abortion, in the second trimester after the 20thweek of pregnancy. The video we’re about to share contains some graphic images and it’s not recommended for the faint-hearted.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a gynecologist who has performed more than 1200 abortions, decided to reveal to the general public how this process is conducted and what exactly happens when the pregnancy is terminated in the second trimester. During this phase the fetus is about the size of an adult’s palm and it’s not that simple to perform the abortion.

Pro-life oriented organizations, such as Live Action, who oppose abortion vigorously, think that people are widely uniformed about how the abortion is performed in this stage and if they knew what happens it would instantly make them reconsider how they feel about this process. The pro-choice people and organizations hide the procedure behind euphemism but here’s the video, watch it and decide where you stand.

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