Get Rid OF Your Unwanted Hair Forever With Just 2 Ingredients!

You may be annoyed with the unwanted hair that is on some parts of your body and you definitely want them disappeared. Well, this is the recipe that will help you to get rid of that hair:

1.Gelatin peel-off face mask

When it comes to facial hair removal, this is one of the best homemade remedies.

-One tbs. of unflavored gelatin;
-One and a half tbs. of milk;
-One to two drops of lavender essential oil;
-and one Popsicle stick


You should mix all of the ingredients and microwave them for ten to fifteen seconds. Cool it a little and apply it on your skin with the Popsicle stick. Then, you should wait for couple of minutes until it is dried and then peel it off.

2.Turmeric paste

The turmeric has been used in India for many centuries for treating skin. If it is mixed with yogurt, milk or water, it removes hair and prevent re-appearing. It keeps the skin clear and healthy because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Turmeric and milk


Mix the turmeric and the milk (3:1) until you get a thick paste. Then spread it on your skin in the same hair-growth direction and let it dry. In order to scrub your skin use a dry washcloth and scrub it in circular motion and remove the turmeric paste. This treatment should be repeated every few days, or until you see hair growth. You can remove the yellow stains with some soap and baking soda.

3.Sugar wax

This method is very similar to the traditional waxing, but without using waxing strips.


-One cup of granulated sugar;
-Two tbs. water;
-One and a half tbs. of lemon juice;
-And a candy thermometer


Mix the lemon juice, water and sugar in one small sauce pan and heat them on low, but make sure that you don’t cook them too long. The, remove it from the heat and allow the wax to cool to room temperature.
Scoop up some wax with a spoon, use your fingers and roll it into a ball. Then, spread it on clean and dry skin in the same direction as the hair grows. The skin should be held taught and pull off the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

You should be patient because these natural remedies take longer to show the wanted results. But, it is really great that there are no side effects and you aren’t using chemicals.

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