Ginger-Mixture On The Chest Cures Strong Coughs and Removes Mucus from Lungs In Just One Night! Works Especially Well For Children!

Cough and cold are are less disease, but they are rather irritating and annoying. Coughing makes us unable to concentrate and it’s a nuisance for the people around us. Even tough it’s an uncomfortable experience, it’s bearable during the day.

You will agree that it’s a completely different experience at night, especially if it’s keeping us up after a long day at work.Children especially suffer from the cold because their immunity is not strong enough to to combat the virus.

You would think a cough syrup is the ideal solution, but the majority of cough syrups only reduces the transmission of signals to the brain that triggers coughing.

They usually contain codeine and dextromethorphan, the two major ingredients that help you sleep, and cause certain unwanted effects such as drowsiness, headaches, and rapid heart activities.

Luckily we have natural solution for you and your children, this homemade ginger wraps works better than medications and they will help you to get rid of strong cough and to remove mucus from your lungs in only one night.

This is the recipe:


  • honey
  • Olive oil
  • Napkins
  • cheesecloth
  • flour
  • sticky medical tape

Honey is often used as a home remedy to treat a variety of problems ranging from dry skin to body detoxification. Another idea is using honey to treat the cough. It will also help dislodge the mucus from the lungs. This treatment can be used for children as well as adults.


First mix the flour with a small amount of honey, in order to prepare a mixture which does not stick to your hands. Use this mixture later for the compress.

Now add some vegetable oil to this mixture, and then roll it in some flour once again. As soon as the mixture is ready, place it on a napkin, and then wrap the napkin in a cheesecloth.

How to use it:

Attach this ginger wrap onto chest or your back by using the adhesive tape, and then put on your pajamas.


You should not place the wrap all the way to the area of the heart, but place slightly above your heart.

If you use this wraps to treat strong coughs in children then you need to put this compress  2 – 3 hours before going to bed, because children should not sleep with this wraps attached!

If adults are treated with this remedy, their compress can stay for the whole night.

Children younger than 6 months should not use these ginger wraps. Also, if child has some diseases or skin injuries  you should not apply this wraps on his chest or back.

This is a extremely effective method and you will notice positive effects of these wraps even in the initial stage of the disease.

Singapore mum, Rachel Lim, has tried the honey wrap on her child and shared on Facebook that it was extremely effective.

Instead of olive oil, she used virgin coconut oil and also added ginger juice to the honey-flour mixture.

In her Facebook post, she said: “Usually about 2-3hrs into his [her baby’s] sleep, he will start coughing profusely and whine. Last night I paste the wrap for 4hrs, I never hear anything from him, no nasal block, no phelgm sound also! Throughout whole night not a single cough from him.”


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