He Put A Rose Into A Potato And Planted It That Way. 7 Days Later He Didn’t Believe What He Saw! (VIDEO)

Roses are many people`s favorite flowers and there is nothing better than enjoying a roses-filled garden during the summer. If you are fan of roses as well, you will be amazed to learn that you can grow them from a rose stem very easily.

Items Needed:

  • Rose stem
  • A potato
  • A plastic bottle
  • A flowerpot
  • Soil


  • First, remove the leaves from the stem
  • Cut the stem at 45 degrees angle
  • Then, take the potato and make a hole in it
  • Shove the potato and make sure it is well firmed
  • Take the pot and fill 2/3 of it with the soil
  • Place the potatoes in the soil
  • Fill the rest of the pot with soil
  • Take a plastic bottle, cut it down, and cover the rose with the bottle to achieve a greenhouse effect
  • You can expect the first results in a week

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