Health Benefits Of Cumin Seeds – the Powerhouses of Nutrition and Health

Cumin seeds is derived from the herb Cuminum cyminum. Cuminum cyminum is a flowering plant and a member of the parsley family. Popularly and heavily used in Indian and east Mediterranean cuisines, cumin is known to have several health benefits. This dried seed has excellent nutritional value and when cooked in a meal can really bring out the flavor of the foods. Cumin by itself has a warm and strong aroma and an exceptionally distinctive flavor. Cumin seeds are usually roasted or sometimes even fried before consumption and usage.

Cumin seeds are high in iron, have incredible benefits on the body and promote all round good health. Here’s a list of health benefits of cumin seeds.

1. Forestalls Toxic Boils from Appearing on the Body

Cumin seeds are rich in phosphorus, Cuminaldehyde and Thymol. All these 3 components are incredible detoxifying agents. Boil breakouts in the body are just your body’s way of eliminating toxic substances. Thus being an excellent detoxifying agent, cumin seeds keep your body clean and eliminate all toxic substances, which result in clean and clear, boil free skin.

Method – Roasted cumin seeds can be consumed orally and flushed down with a glass of water.

2. Aids Anti Aging and a Young and Glowing Skin

Aging skin is every woman’s worst nightmare. From pre-mature aging, to wrinkles, sagging skin age spots, no woman wants to suffer from all these aging problems. Cumin seeds work like a miracle cure for aging skin. Cumin seeds are rich in Vitamin E, which keeps the skin gorgeous and glowing, reduces wrinkles and age spots and even keeps the skin tight and healthy.

Method – Apply ground cumin seeds with honey or vinegar as a pack on your face daily, leave it on until it dries and wash it off.

3. Tackles Embarrassing and Itchy Skin Diseases

As we know, cumin seeds are extremely rich in Vitamin E. Besides the anti-aging factor, vitamin E assists in tackling other painful, embarrassing and itchy skin infections and diseases. Cumin oil is rich in anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. These properties fight off fungal and microbial skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

Method – Add powdered cumin seeds to your face pack and apply. Alternatively, take some curd, add turmeric to it and throw in the powdered cumin seeds, apply this mixture as a pack to your face, wash off thoroughly once it dries.

4. Battles Diabetes and Keeps the Glucose Levels in Check

Diabetic patients may seem strong and healthy on the outside, but in reality diabetes is a silent and lethal killer. Cumin seeds have the ability to combat as well as prevent the onset of diabetes. Cumin seeds have certain properties in them, which assist in maintaining as well as lowering blood sugar levels.

Method – Add roasted and crushed cumin seeds to a bowl of curd and consume it on a daily basis.

5. Brimming With High Levels of Iron

A lot of people now days’ unknowingly suffer from iron deficiencies and diseases related to iron deficiencies. Iron deficiencies in the body can cause severe health related troubles. If not rectified in time, severe iron deficiencies in the body can even prove to be lethal. Cumin seeds are rich in iron. Iron is essential for the body. People suffering from iron deficiencies (anemia) should incorporate cumin seeds in their daily diet. These iron-rich cumin seeds also assist in maintaining excellent hemoglobin levels.

Method – Add crushed and roasted cumin seeds to your home cooked meals on a regular basis.

6. Combats Asthma and Upper Respiratory Illnesses

Cumin seeds are rich in an agent called Thymoquinone. Thymoquinone plays the role of an anti-inflammatory as well as a bronchodilator. These properties help in combating asthma and other upper respiratory and bronchial illnesses.

Method – Add crushed and roasted cumin seeds to your salads and consume on a daily basis to see positive effects.

7. Destroys Digestive Disorders and Aids in Digestion

Now days’ majority of the people suffer from some sort of digestive disorder due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyles and terrible eating habits. Digestive disorders include acidity, gas, GERD and irritable bowel syndrome. Cumin seeds have the capability of tackling and destroying such digestive disorders. Cumin seeds when consumed regularly help the body in easier and quicker digestion.

Method – Boil roasted cumin seeds in a liter of water. Let the mixture cool and drink it regularly for best effect.

8. Rich in Vitamin C and Tackles Colds

Cumin seeds are very rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for the body. It helps combat colds, coughs, viral infections and it also maintains the body’s immunity. Healthy levels of Vitamin c in the body are required for a woman to have a healthy menstrual cycle.

Method – Add roasted cumin seeds to your come cooked food or salad and consume on a regular basis.

9. Wards Off Water Retention

A lot of people suffer from water retention. Water retention occurs when your body retains the water unable to pass it out in the urine or through sweat. Water retention gives a bloated and swollen appearance to the body and can be very discomforting. Cumin seed have diuretic properties in them. As a diuretic, they instantly help in releasing the retained water in the body through the urine. Cumin seed flush out the bladder.

Method – Add roasted cumin seeds to a bowl of curd and consume regularly for best effects.

10. Increases Immunity and Assists in Quick Recovery from Illnesses

Cumin seeds assist in increasing the immunity levels of the body. High immunity levels ensure combat against illness; viral infections and help the body remain fit and healthy. High levels of immunity also assist in quicker recovery from illnesses.

11. Acts as an Anti-Carcinogenic and Inhibits Cancer

Cancer is an awful and lethal illness that destroys the body and often results in death. Cumin seed are high in anti-carcinogenic agents (thymol, thymoquinone and dithymoquinone), which prevent and combat cancers. Cumin seed are particularly effect in combating and preventing breast and colon cancers.

Method – Add a few seeds of roasted cumin to a glass of water. Let the seeds soak overnight and drink the water first thing in the morning on awakening.

12. Keeps the Body Cool

Another excellent health benefit of cumin seed is that they have the ability to tackle and prevent sunstrokes, body heat and prickliness. Cumin seed are extremely cooling and should be consumed regularly during the summer season.

Method – Boil cumin seed in a liter of water. Once the mixture cools down, drink it as you would drink regular bottled water during the course of the day.

As you can see, cumin seeds have an extensive range of health benefits and can keep the body healthy and maintain good immunity levels. If for some reason you are unable to add cumin seeds to your daily meals, an alternative is to soak roasted cumin seed overnight in a glass of water and drink the mixture first thing in the morning on awakening. Regular consumption of cumin seed will guarantee you a long and healthy life. Cumin seed are available easily in most parts of the world, but if for some reason you are unable to access the seeds, you can use cumin oil as an alternative in your daily meals. Cumin seed will usually have no side effects on the body and are completely natural.


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