Here’s How to Significantly Increase Your Blood Platelet Count Only With Papaya Leaf Juice!

Whether you’re looking for a healthy vegetable, leaf or herb to add to your existing juice recipes or something entirely new to try, you may want to include papaya leaf juice.

Eating papaya leaves is not the greatest idea, but utilizing their juice is one of the best ways to experience the benefits of this herb.

This herb is highly nutritious, and according to several studies, papaya leaves contain phytonutrient compounds which act cooperatively so they can provide strong immune and antioxidant effect in the bloodstream. The main reason why papaya is so beneficial to our health are the alkaloids, papain and phenolic substances it contains.

The active papaya ingredients, the enzymes known as papain and chymopapain, support the process of protein digestion and help in fighting bloating, nausea, indigestion and other issues related to the system of digestion. The alkaloid compounds, the carpaine, the pseudo carpaine and the dehydrocarpaine have chemo preventative features and are placed in the papaya leaves.

These derivates, when isolated, or their synthetic derivates, are very beneficial medicinal agents that have plenty of antibacterial, analgesic and antispasmodic features.

Papaya leaves also have antioxidant effects thanks to the presence of kaempferol, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, quercetin, and phenolic compounds. They’re also rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium.

7 health benefits of drinking papaya leaf juice

1.Improves the work of the liver

The papaya leaf juice cleanses the liver and that’s why it’s used for treatment for many diseases, especially ones related to the liver, like liver cirrhosis, jaundice and liver cancer.

2. Protects the organism from diseases

This juice is  packed with acetogenin, an ingredient that protects the body form illnesses such as malaria, cancer etc. it boosts the immune system and prevents diseases caused by bacteria and viruses

3. Production of blood platelets

If you’re recovering from some disease, keeping a high number of blood platelets is crucial, and this is exactly what the papaya leaf juice does

4. Cures inflammation

Inflammation is often times result of some illnesses or allergies. This papaya leaf juice has strong anti-inflammatory abilities and can reduce the inflammation. Some people even claim that it helps with the effects of chemo!

5. Boosts the energy levels

This juice is excellent for cleansing the body and healing from different ailments. If you take it on a daily basis, you will feel your energy levels have significantly increased. Some scientists claim that it can cure chronic fatigue.

6. Aids the digestive system

The papaya leaves are full in papain, chymopapain, amylase and protease enzymes, substances known for their ability to break down carbohydrates, protein and aid in digestion.   It is very convenient especially for people who have digestive issues. The juice is a strong antimicrobial drink which will reduce inflammation in the stomach lining and eliminate the H. Pilori bacteria or other bacteria that can lead to peptic ulcers. Finally,this juice made from papaya leaves helps in the fight with IBD – inflammatory bowel diseases.

7. Stabilizes blood sugar levels naturally

This juice is also beneficial when it comes to the sensitivity to insulin and helps in regulating the levels of blood sugar. The presence of antioxidants helps people lower the secondary diabetes effects like kidney problems, fatty liver and lower oxidative stress.



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