How to enhance lips

The modern concept of beauty is impossible without full, pouting lips. Because of this trend, many girls opt for surgery, which has already become routine. The lips are naturally decreased as your body starts producing less collagen. Lips do not have oil glands and can easily dry out and dryness emphasizes thin lips.

However, before you opt for surgery, try the natural way to enhance the lips.

Kissing is the most pleasant technique for lip augmentation. Relax, enjoy the kisses with your loved one and you will look great yourself.

In daily brushing your teeth devote some time to the lips, and even brush them with a toothbrush. In this way you will remove dead cells, will accelerate the circulation of blood in them and that will give the visual effect of larger, more subtle and beautiful lips.

For quick, but not lasting effect of enhancing the lips, mix cinnamon with vaseline or grape grease and rub the lips.

A short-term but effective method for enhancing the lips you can get when you put the lips drop of essential oil of mint and then rub well. When using essential oils, be careful because there are not rare allergic reactions.

Exfoliate lips and regularly and thoroughly hydrate them. Make mixture of sugar and olive oil which is then applied to the lips, and then massage your lips with your finger in small circles. Rinse it all after.

Use lip balm stick with vitamin E, with factor of at least SPF 15. Before sleeping lips, apply Shea butter.

Every day do the exercises with the lips – whistle 3 to 5 minutes or alternately smile and purse your lips in a kiss (repeat about 20 times daily).

Use lipstick with peptides and retinol because these substances stimulate production of new collagen, returning fullness lips and smoothing out fine wrinkles around the lips.

Use the famous fancy trick with a white pencil and lip gloss. First, apply a white pencil on the central part of the upper and lower lips, and then gently spread it with a finger leaving no clear and visible edges. Finally apply coat of lip gloss to the lips. Remember – bright colors enhance and dark make it deeper, so avoid dark lipstick if you have thin lips.

Permanent make-up will make you achieve the size of lips you want, lip color you want while you correct any asymmetry. Under local anesthesia, color pigments are inserted with tiny needles in the top layer of skin of the lips. This effect lasts for 3 to 5 years.

Hyaluronan (also called Hyaluronic acid) is the most effective method for lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is produced in our body also, so it does not cause allergic or any other reactions. It is applied with injection with local anesthetic. The procedure takes about ten minutes, and after that must be kept cold wrapped for an hour – two. The effect is visible immediately and lasts from six months to two years, depending on the quality and manufacturers.

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