Keloids are deep and visible scars on the skin, and even though they don’t cause any health problems, people dislike them for aesthetic reasons. With these natural solutions we offer in this article you will never be ashamed of your scars.

But you need to be patient! Don’t hesitate to try them, since they are cheap and easily available! If your scar is still fresh, this is the best time to treat it.


Carrot is rich in vitamin A, which promotes healing of wounds and scars, and vitamin C, which serves to nourish and feed the skin. Carotenes found in carrot keep the skin healthy and gives it freshness. It is a great oil and has antiseptic, disinfectant, antioxidant properties and fights cancer as well.

Application: Mix carrot seed oil with 1 teaspoon of sea salt and gently massage the area of the scar. Allow it to dry and wash with lukewarm water.


Tea tree oil is fantastic and helps reduce keloids and scars, especially those caused by acne. It comes from Australia and is used to treat acne and scars. It also prevents the formation of scars on the belly after giving birth and stops hyper-pigmentation too.

Application: Massage a couple of drops on the scars and repeat this twice a day.


Apple cider vinegar mixed with aspirin acts as a peeling. It helps reduce keloids, scars and acne scars and makes the skin smooth and soft. You can do this treatment every day to see results. You need 15 ml of apple cider vinegar, 90 ml of mineral water and 1 aspirin tablet. Mix everything and apply it on the critical places.


This may sound like a strange mixture but it actually is really good for the skin and doesn’t leave any negative effects. Prepare a paste of these two ingredients and depending on the sensitivity of your skin hold it on abut 10 minutes and rinse it with gentle soap.


The fatty acids contained in this oil represent a strong antioxidant. The oil has an antibacterial effect, heals inflammation of the skin, it restores and protects the skin from bacteria and acts preventively against stretch marks.

Application: Apply the oil every day to the damaged area of the skin.


This is a very powerful herb that penetrates into the deepest layers of tissue, has strong antibacterial properties, speeds up the healing of wounds, burns and scars and stimulates the production of new skin cells. It soothes and moistens the skin. It also lessens inflammation and kills bacteria too.

Application: Take a piece of Aloe Vera leaf and soak the scar with juice from the leaf. Let it dry and don’t wash the skin in the same place. With the juice of this plant you can moisten any dry parts of your skin. You can also apply it on the face.

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