I Am 60 and This Amazing Plant Gave Me Back My Vision, Removed Fat of the Liver and Cleansed My Colon.

Trust me, there is a plant that gives back vision, cleans the colon and liver with regular eating.

This plant is amazing for the health and it is…BEET!

Beet is a red purple veggie from Europe and mainly is eaten in salads or raw, but the taste is nothing special. However, it is healthy. But there is more.

Beet health benefits

Beets are making blood flow better and make the cardio system stronger as you get all day energy. This veggie has tryptophan and betaine for fighting stress and soothing nerves. Also removes inflammation and gives antioxidants for overall health.

How to make beet included in the daily diet:

  • 2-3 beets
  • 2 onions
  • Vinegar

Peel the beets cook them then in water and add salt. Then chip them in chunks and pieces and put them in a bowl, chop the onion aside and mix it with the beets. Add the oil last and sprinkle salt and vinaigrette. Let this sit 60 min prior eating.

This salad is healthy and cleans the liver and colon and makes the eyesight better. So, more beets for health and nutrition.

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