If you have this drink you will forget about heart disease and heart attacks

Tea of walnut inside shell partitions acts against clogging of the coronary arteries, heart disease and temperature…


Narrowing of the coronary arteries is often the result of chronic nicotine poisoning so and from consuming fatty foods. This excellent remedy, which is specially recommended for smokers, is found in the plain walnut, i.e. in the shell partitions that are between the seed kernels.


Prepare tea of these partitions. At night dip 4-5 partitions in water and in the morning boil it to make tea. Drink the tea on an empty stomach. It’s best not to stop with the consumption of this tea, because it provides excellent circulation and regulation of blood pressure and relieves pain in the chest.


Tea of walnut partitions works successfully against temperature which is in relation to heart pain. You will feel the improvement straight after the first cup of this tea. If these pains are permanent, it is necessary to consume the tea until chest pain and temperature are ended.

However, if you have these health problems it is extremely important to consult your doctor.

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