Ladies, Never Do These Things To Your Breasts!

First here are few things you should know about breasts:

The breasts are the soft, protruding organs  on the upper front of a woman’s body secreting milk after pregnancy. They are made of specialized tissue, producing milk (glandular tissue) also known as fatty tissue. The amount of fat determines the size of the breast.

The part of the breasts that produces milk is organized into 15-20 sections, also known as lobes, in which there are smaller structures, where the milk is produced.  The ducts, a network of tiny tubes, connect the glands, lobules, and lobes, carrying the milk from the lobes to the nipple, located in the middle of the areola, a darker area surrounding the nipple of the breasts.  The ligaments and the connective tissue support the breast and give it its form.  The nerves provide sensation to the breasts, which also contain blood vessels, lymph vessels, and lymph nodes.

Apart from being the most attractive part of the female body, the breasts are also one of the most sensitive organs which require special treatment due to the fact that they are prone to damage. For a woman, maintaining a good breast health is of a great importance in order to avoid potential damage. Therefore, ladies, never do these things to your breasts:

1.A small bra

Most women worldwide consider that wearing a bra which is 1 or 2 numbers smaller than the adequate size, will make them look sexier, but actually, this is not advisable, as you may cause you serious discomfort and potential damage to your breasts.

2.Not wearing a bra while running

If you are among those women who don’t wear a bra while running, because you feel a lot freer, you should know that this can cause many serious issues for the connective tissue in the breasts.

3.Clutching chest

Your breasts must never be punched roughly or harshly treated in any other way, since they are prone to damage easily.

4.Warts removal

There are a lot of women who have hairs around their nipple area and they often remove these hairs regularly. At this point, you should know that removing the hairs regularly they are very likely to  become  thicker and more visible in the future. Additionally,  there is also is a risk of developing some serious inflammations.


Many love couples tend to practice and enjoy some forms of nipple play as nipple sucking, biting and pinching, but unfortunately this practice can leave some serious consequences.

6.Nipple piercings

Apart from being harmful practice, nipple piercing can lead to a serious pneumonia!

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